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New footage on utube type in mogul snowboarding up to date I am posting every day under tombstonekid100

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What is it?
It is a new type of snowboarding event. Instead of using a half-pipe to show air and spins and tricks, this event utilizes a downhill mogul area to race and pull tricks. The rider not only scores points by doing tricks on the hill but must also have a quick time. In the event that two riders have the exact point score from their tricks, the one who made the quickest run would win.
The Rules and Point System
Riders only make 3 runs, so they must make them count. For every edge change, the rider will receive one point. For example, if a rider goes from the toe side to the hill side and then back to the toe side that rider would be awarded 3 points. Each trick a rider makes can be worth a maximum of 5 points. For example, a simple grab would receive 3 points; for a 360 or more in the moguls riders would receive the 5-point maximum. If a rider pulls a 360, lands, and then jumps again pulling another 360 that would be two tricks, and the rider would receive 10 points . Riders would be penalized for points if they stop for any reason during the run, and they would immediately lose 5 points for each stop. If riders wreck they lose 5 points. An exception to this is if they avoid a possible wreck by doing a barrel roll, and they move in a continuous motion without stopping. That would count as a trick and they would receive 5 points. Speed also is an important factor. The fastest run for each round will receive 5 points, second fastest will receive 3 points, and third fastest will receive 1 point. The five top point earners will go to the final round. The final two runs of these five riders will determine the winner.

We have followers all over the world who have been utilizing this new style and are anxious to begin official events and move this to the next level. We are asking for donations and have many marketing items to get our word out. For example, a $20 dollar donation would receive a t-shirt and a $10 donation would receive a embroidered beanie. Any amount helps to continue our web page and training information. Thank you for your support!!!