Mogul Snowboarding is an inherently dangerous activity and could cause serious injury or death. Use of Mogul Snowboarding requires skill and exercise of caution. Assess dangers before riding any area. Purchasers and users of Mogul Snowboarding are advise that it has no braking system. Speed is controlled by the use of fail safes. The user of Mogul Snowboarding is required to read and watch owners manual and DVD before and adhere to the safety precautions outlined therein. The use of helmets, eye protection, wrist guards, and protective pads are required. Children using Mogul Snowboarding should be supervised by adults. Due to the nature of Mogul Snowboarding the sellers and distributor and manufactures of this product assume no responsibility for damages or injury which may be caused by the use of this Mogul Snowboarding whether cause by accident, negligence or otherwise. Through use of Mogul Snowboarding, the rider understands and agrees to assume all responsibility for any damage or injury caused by Mogul Snowboarding. Remember that Mogul Snowboarding is the extreme of the extreme, be safe and have fun.

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